Benefits of Cat Pet Insurance

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Benefits of cat pet insurance

Even the healthiest cats can get sick, develop an illness, or suffer an injury during their lifetime. While not every health issue will break the bank, some can leave pet parents wondering how they’ll afford treatment and meet other financial obligations. It’s not a situation any pet parent wants to experience. 

Pet parents can help ease the cost of unexpected accidents, injuries, and illnesses with a cat pet insurance plan. These policies provide peace of mind and avoid the need to make difficult (and even heartbreaking) decisions. Yet, fewer than 3% of all pet parents have them. 


Why Get Pet Insurance for Cats?

It could be that cat pet parents don’t know pet insurance policies exist or that they exist for both cats and dogs. A pet parent could feel that their indoor feline doesn’t need the same type of protection as one that spends time outdoors exposed to more risks. Or, they might feel it’s not worth the investment because their cat is perfectly healthy right now. 

The truth is, cat pet insurance isn’t only for certain types of cats, and cat parents of all kinds can benefit from a policy. 

Protect Pet Parent Finances

Pet parents might not think much about the typical costs of a cat, such as food, toys, and routine vet visits. However, they don’t usually plan for emergencies. Some issues may be within their budget, but others can result in several thousands of dollars in vet bills. 

If a cat develops a health condition or suffers an injury while protected under a pet insurance plan, that policy helps pet parents cover the cost. It can save pet parents hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars during the cat’s life. 

Make Decisions in the Best Interest of the Cat

When a cat’s well-being (or life) is on the line, one of the last things a pet parent wants to do is choose between their feline and their finances. With pet insurance for cats, they won’t have to. They can focus on ensuring their cat gets the best care possible without worrying about how they’re going to afford the cost. That alone can lift a significant weight from their shoulders. 

Keep Cats Comfortable in Their Senior Years

Cats may never experience a single health issue in their younger years. However, during their senior years, their risk of health issues increases significantly. A cat pet insurance policy allows pet parents to make essential decisions to keep their aging feline happy, healthy, and comfortable for as long as possible. 

Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Cats

Many pet parents allow their cats some degree of outdoor access. While cats may enjoy the fresh air and hunting prey, going outdoors comes with significant risks. For instance, they’re much more likely to contract a disease, be attacked by wild animals, or get hit by a car. Some research shows their risk of developing feline leukemia is upwards of 30% higher than indoor cats.

A pet insurance policy makes a lot of sense for pet parents who let their cats go outdoors. Pet parents with strictly indoor cats often believe they don’t need a policy because their cat’s risk seems lower. While the cat may not be subject to the same risks, they can still develop health issues, ingest a foreign object, or get hurt.

Protect Young, Healthy Cats, Too (Even Kittens!)

A cat may be healthy now, but there’s no way to know what issues could occur later in life. Pet parents could wait to get a policy, but they risk the insurance company denying them coverage because the cat developed an issue before they applied. No pet insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions, and that’s why vets recommend securing a policy as soon as possible. 

Additionally, young cats aren’t immune to accidents or injuries. Kittens, in particular, are notorious for getting into things they shouldn’t, like yarn, houseplants, and small objects. Having a pet insurance policy in place right away ensures pet parents can afford the cost of their curious kitten’s (potentially expensive) mishap.  

Should Pet Parents Invest in Pet Insurance for Cats?

Whether young or old or outdoor or indoor, all cats can get injured or sick. While some issues aren’t a huge deal, others have the potential to be emotionally and financially devastating. Having a pet insurance plan provides peace of mind to pet parents. They can rest easy knowing that their feline, heart, and budget are protected should an emergency ever arise. 

Pet parents seeking a cat pet insurance policy can get quality coverage through Fuzzy. In addition to 80% reimbursement and up to $10,000 payment limits, pet parents also gain access to Fuzzy’s 24/7 Live Vet Chat. They have access to professional cat health advice at any time, which can sometimes save them the hassle and cost of going to the emergency vet. Pet parents should visit Fuzzy to obtain a quote today.

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