Why Do Cats Like Window Perches?

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Cat on window sill, why do cats like window perches?
Most felines love high places. To many people, cats can seem like daredevils. They’ll jump on counters, check out the top of the refrigerator, or even fall asleep on the windowsill. Pet parents with felines may consider investing in a window perch to indulge this normal cat behavior and keep their cats off of kitchen counters or other places they shouldn’t be. But why do cats like window perches? 

To Survey Their Surroundings 

Being high up offers cats a distinct advantage. They’re able to keep an eye on everything that goes on in their house — or at least everything that goes on in the room with the window perch. 

A window perch also gives cats a great vantage point to investigate what’s going on outside. Curious cats who might be bored may derive entertainment from watching people walking by, squirrels climbing trees, or birds in the feeders. 

Additionally, cats are the descendants of hunters. While they may be domesticated and have all of their needs met, birds and small rodents are still prey to them. Even if they can’t hunt for real, they may be thinking about it.

Higher Places Provide Safety

Along with being able to watch everything going on in the house, a window perch also provides a safe place for cats to hide. In the event of cat anxiety, loud noises, strangers, or a new pet, a feline can retreat to the safety and security of the perch.

They Want to Be Alone

Unlike dogs, cats are more solitary creatures. While some may seek out the companionship of their pet parents, others like being alone. A perch provides them with a place that’s all their own. They can go there when they don’t want to be around other members of the household. However, if a cat is spending a lot of time alone and their pet parent is worried about their behavior or has any other cat questions, they should contact a vet for kitten care or cat care advice. 

The Sun's Rays Provide Warmth

Cats like warmth. It’s not much of a surprise for pet parents to find their feline companions asleep in an area where the sun is shining. A window perch gives a cat the best of both worlds. It puts them in a higher location and allows them to be that much closer to the heat source. 

It Shows Dominance 

Pet parents with multiple cats may have noticed that there’s a hierarchy. One cat is in charge, and the rest fall in line behind them. A window perch allows cats to demonstrate who’s the alpha. Generally, the one sitting highest on the perch is the dominant one. In many cases, it may even help to prevent spats — unless a contender tries to take the top spot.

It's Instinctual

Feline ancestors used to climb trees to escape predators and to stalk their prey. Finding refuge in high places helped to enhance survival. While domesticated indoor cats have very little to worry about in terms of predators or trying to find food, the instinct remains. 

A Window Perch is More Than a Place to Sleep

A window perch provides cats a safe place to sleep, monitor their surroundings, and bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays. Depending on the type of perch a pet parent buys, it could also provide a cat with exercise and meet their scratching needs. There are numerous options available, so pet parents should consider their cat’s needs and the number of cats in the house to help find the best fit for their home. 

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