How to Freshen Dogs' Breath

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Brushing dog's teeth, how to freshen dog's breath

Bad dog breath is a common, unpleasant part of being a pet parent. However, it’s more than just an inconvenience, if a dog’s breath is smelling less than fresh, it might be a sign that they’re suffering from poor dental health. If left untreated, dental problems can lead to everything from bad breath to infections to heart problems and even death. 

Luckily, there are plenty of dog teeth cleaning products and services pet parents can use to improve their health and their breath at the same time. 

Annual Dog Dental Care

Just like humans go to the dentist annually, dogs should, too. Pet parents can schedule their dog’s teeth to be cleaned at their annual vet appointment to avoid dental health issues. The vet will remove plaque and tartar and check their mouth for any signs of more dangerous gum and teeth issues. 

An annual cleaning can only do so much, of course. Daily maintenance is crucial to preventing bad dog breath and dental problems.

Daily Teeth Brushing

One of the best pieces of dog health advice many vets give is to have pet parents brush their dog’s teeth as often as possible. Training their dog to allow them to brush their teeth will pay off in the long run with fewer vet bills and a better-smelling dog. 

To make the training process easier, pet parents  can start with a Dental Hygiene Kit designed for pets. These kits are built with the dog’s comfort and health in mind to make it easy for at-home care.  


Dental Chews

If brushing daily is impractical, another option pet parents enjoy using are dog Dental Chews. These tasty treats aren’t just appealing to the dog’s taste buds, but they also work to remove plaque and build healthy dog teeth. They can enjoy one to two dental chews a day to keep their breath fresh between brushings. 


Breath Spray

Some dogs are simply picky about what goes in their mouths. For pets that reject tooth brushes, a dog Breath Spray can help keep their breath smelling better. The spray kills bacteria in their mouth, which removes one of the major sources of smelly breath. Spraying it into their mouth once a day, covering their teeth, gums, and cheeks, is an instant way to freshen their breath. 


Water Additives‌

Finally, putting a water additive in their normal water dish is one of the easiest strategies for how to freshen a dog’s breath every time they take a drink. These solutions can help ward off tartar, plaque, and germs with just a few drops a day. They can be a great choice if pet parents want a low-maintenance way to maintain their dog’s breath. 


Get Support at Home‌

Dogs deserve a healthy mouth. For help resolving other breath and dental health problems, pet parents can use Fuzzy’s 24/7 Live Vet Chat to speak with a licensed vet.

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