The Best Cat & Dog Supplements for Diarrhea

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The Best Cat & Dog Supplements for Diarrhea

By Dr. Caitlin O’Donoghue

Nobody likes diarrhea. You don’t, your dog doesn’t, your cat doesn’t, and neither does the Fuzzy crew. But there are many causes of diarrhea. Some pets eat things they shouldn’t, others get intestinal infections or have liver or kidney problems. Food sensitivities, inflammatory bowel diseases, and intestinal cancer can also be the cause of unfortunate bowel movements. There are a few ways to help when your dog has diarrhea, including giving them probiotics and supplements. But how do you know which are the best dog probiotics for diarrhea?

Finding The Right Product

There are several probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and sponges on the market that are of good quality. It is always best to consult with your veterinarian about what products may specifically be best for your pet. The best probiotics for a dog with stress may be different than those for a kitten with chronic gastrointestinal problems.

Always remember to consider any food allergies and administration methods for your pet. If your pet is allergic to corn, make sure there is no corn in the product you use. Or if you can’t get a pill into your cat to save your life, a powder product may be better.

Fuzzy’s Favorite Products

There are so many different products out there that claim to be the best dog probiotics for diarrhea; it can be difficult to sort through them all. Here is a guide to some of Fuzzy’s favorite products, all of which are available in our mobile app:

Proviable capsules and pastes provide a large number of good intestinal bacteria and prebiotics to improve gastrointestinal health and firm stool in cats and dogs. It can be used for short and long term treatment of diarrhea.

Prozyme powder is a palatable powder with 4 enzymes to help break down carbs, fiber, fats, and amino acids, and increases digestive ability in dogs and cats. We recommend it for long term use.

Zyme powder is a tasty powder that can be added to in both cat and dog food long-term. It can help with both pancreatic and chronic diarrhea issues.

Express Ease is a duck-flavored, pumpkin-based treat to help with anal gland problems in dogs. You can use it both short and long term.

Entero Health Plus is a duck-flavored chew that helps maintain the mucosal layer in the gastrointestinal tract. This can be helpful for cats and dogs with chronic gastrointestinal problems and is generally for long term use.

Vetri Probiotic BD is a chewable supplement for dogs to help soothe the intestines, provide the growth of intestinal bacteria, and promotes regularity. Use it for short or long term.

The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form GI Supplement comes in a powdered form. You mix it with water and It helps firm loose stool from diet changes, stress, and dietary indiscretion. It can also help decrease gas in dogs and cats. Use it for short or long term.

Platinum Performance Bio-sponge comes in capsules, powder, and paste forms that helps with absorption of some intestinal toxins. It may also shorten the duration of diarrhea and is best for short term use. Give it at least an hour apart from other medications, as it may interfere with absorption.

NOW Pets GI Support comes in a tasty chewable tablet with several strains of good bacteria that can help with occasional diarrhea from stress, dietary indiscretion, and diet changes. It can be used for short and long term, and it is recommended to refrigerate.

PRN Endosorb is offered in tablet and liquid forms that help to soothe intestines and firm stools in dogs. It is best for short term use. Give at least an hour apart from other medications as may interfere with absorption.

Vetriscience Fast Balance GI is a paste containing probiotics, B vitamins, and fungal enzymes that may help treat diarrhea from stress, dietary indiscretion, and food sensitivities in dogs and cats. Use it for acute diarrhea.

If you have questions about what the best dog probiotics for diarrhea are, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian and Fuzzy is always here to help with 24/7 Live Vet Chat availability in the Fuzzy app or on the web.


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