5 New Years Resolutions You Can Keep!

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5 New Years Resolutions You Can Keep!

By Dr. Jess Trimble

Every January, the excitement of the New Year celebration is channeled into grand intentions for the year ahead. If one of your goals is to provide the best care for your pet in 2020, we’re here to help. Pets who get regular preventative care live longer and happier lives, and we’ve found that pet parents using Fuzzy can provide better care with less stress than conventional pet care. What  are some other intentions that you can set to help your pet have their best year yet? We came up with a few ideas!

1. Give Your Pet's Brain A Workout!

Most pet parents know to give their pets physical exercise, but do you exercise your pet’s mind? Enrichment games are important for all pets, but certain breeds such as purposely-bred working dogs need more mental stimulation. Most enrichment games involve some kind of puzzle for the pet to solve. They can be as simple as getting treats out of a Kong or highly complex, like this Dog Chess board. Enrichment games for cats include Flirt Poles, food puzzles, and teaching tricks. Try different options to see what your pet likes, and be patient. The result will be a more content pet who is less stressed, destructive, or anxious. 

2. Get To Brushing Those Ivory Tusks.

Whew, that dog breath! Have you ever brushed your pet’s teeth? According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in pets. Nearly 80% of dogs have dental issues by the time they are three years old. It can be pretty intimidating, but with proper techniques and guidance, you can increase the life expectancy of your pet. Don’t chance it; get yourself a pet toothbrush and toothpaste and consult with your vet for a lesson. If the toothbrush is a no-go, consider using dental wipes. Check out our guide on how to master teeth brushing in just four weeks

3. Get movin' with Fido.

Is your pet looking a little… fluffy? If your pet has a little “more to love”, it’s not too hard to put them on a diet. (Much easier than putting yourself on one!) Take measure of how much food your pet is eating daily. Consult with your vet (or our healthcare team in the Fuzzy app) about your pet’s current weight, what a healthy weight looks like, and feeding habits to come up with a diet plan for your pet. If your resolutions included exercise goals, see if you can include your fluffy friend in the activities. A short run to the park followed by a long game of fetch is good for both you and for Fido!

4. Don’t skip your preventative in-home checkups.

Going to the vet can be a drag, but if you only ever go in for emergencies, you could be missing key diagnostic clues. What if the vet came to you, on your schedule? And performed their exam using Fear Free Certified techniques and with mom and dad close by? You’d be all out of excuses for avoiding preventative care! That’s exactly what Fuzzy does; we make vet care as simple as possible so your pet can live their healthiest, happiest life. Schedule your in-home checkup here.

5. Figure out what Fido really loves.

What are the things your pet truly loves to do? Oftentimes, we force our pets into doing what we think normal dogs and cats do, but not all pets like the same things. If your weekly trips to the dog park are great for socializing with people, but your dog hides between your legs, try switching things up. Take your pup on a long leashed walk for exercise in place of the dog park. If your indoor cat is longing for the outdoors, try to familiarize them with a harness and leash to  take them out of the house for a short walk. Help your pet live their best life by tuning into the signals they give you. If you’re unsure, you can always ask your vet team in the Fuzzy app!

While you may not get around to making that dentist appointment or adding those daily vitamins to your routine, making 2020 resolutions for your pet care is attainable and easy with Fuzzy!