Dog Friendly San Francisco - Boarding

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Dog Friendly San Francisco - Boarding

By Dr. Sarah Wallace

There comes a time in every pet parent’s life when we need to travel, but we can’t bring our dogs along. It takes a lot of trust on a pet parent’s part to leave your dog in someone else’s care.

When scouting for dog hotels or daycares, Fuzzy recommends owners take a tour of the facilities and, if allowed, bringing your dog along. Planning a visit with your dog before your trip is a great way to introduce your dog to the new environment so they can acclimate more quickly. You will also feel more confident when leaving them in the facility’s care.

The Best Options For Dog Boarding San Francisco

Whether you’re looking for overnight dog boarding in San Francisco or are just going to be away for the day, Fuzzy is here to help. The list of dog lodging options below is curated from Yelp reviews, making sure to take into account number of reviews and star-ratings across dog hotels around San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. 

Wag Hotels

San Francisco: 4 stars, 495 reviews
Oakland: 4.5 stars, 147 reviews
Redwood City & surrounding area: 4.5 stars, 338 reviews

Fuzzy loves to recommend Wag Hotels. You might recognize their name because we’ve partnered with them in the past to provide vaccinations at their locations (and if you’re a member, you’ve probably gotten some sweet discounts). In addition to their ultra-suites and kitty condos, Wag Hotels also offers grooming spas, training activities, and spacious play areas for your pet. If you’ve never visited before, they offer one free day of All Day Play to first-time guests, or you can drop in during one of their free weekly socials.

The Pawington

San Francisco: 4 stars, 237 reviews

The Pawington is another hotel we’ve partnered with to provide canine vaccines. They are a luxurious pet resort with 61,000 square feet of land. The Pawington offers more than 10 types of boarding suites to match their guests’ preferences and all rooms include linen service, room service, play sessions, and medication administration. For extra pampering, check out their grooming and spa service packages.

High Tail Hotel

San Francisco: 5 stars, 84 reviews

It’s important to find a place that shares the same values for pets as you, and the core values of High Tail Hotel are health, family, and love. Whether you’re looking for overnight dog boarding in San Francisco or just need a day of care, High Tail Hotel offers a 2000 square foot indoor dog park and includes many dog-friendly amenities, such as belly rubs, ear massages, and two leashed walks per day.

Dog Time!

San Leandro: 5 stars, 122 reviews

If you’re in the East Bay, check out Dog Time. You can feel the enthusiasm as soon as you see the name on the sign. Dog Time! has an amazing staff who takes the time to cater to each pet’s needs individually. If you’re feeling more nervous about leaving your dog than your dog seems to feel, have no fear: Dog Time! offers doggy webcams for owners to check-in on their dog’s play and make sure they’re happy with the accommodations.

Woofs & Wiggles

Redwood City: 5 stars, 39 reviews

Located on the San Francisco Bay area Peninsula, Woofs and Wiggles offer indoor and outdoor spaces for dog patrons. Their canine guests are grouped by activity level, habits, and disposition to ensure the comfort of all. Woofs and Wiggles also offer potty training and light grooming. They can facilitate special feeding or administer medications to your dog upon request. This is one place your pup will have a happy and healthy stay.