Fuzzy Veterinarians' Pet Safety Tips For Memorial Day Celebrations

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happy golden retriever dog smiling and getting a hug on a memorial day hike

Holidays are a great opportunity to get outside with pets. Some breeds are perfect companions for outdoor activities and festivities with people and other pets, but others may need some special considerations if they aren’t reasonably socialized, desensitized to kids or loud noises such as fireworks, or trained away from stealing human food from the barbecue table.

Fuzzy’s vets want pet parents to be prepared for the holiday. Many of these tips, however, are evergreen for pet care. 

Fuzzy’s Pet Safety Tips For Memorial Day

  1. Make sure pets have up to date identification tags and microchips. These help increase the chances of finding the pet if they run away or become lost during a gathering.
  2. Take current photos to have on hand just in case they go missing.

  3. If pets exhibit anxiety during big events, large parties, loud noises, or changes in routine, consider a calming dog anxiety supplement or prescription medication to ease their stress. Chat with a veterinarian before a big event to have a plan. 

  4. Thundershirts or anti-anxiety wraps help pets remain calm instinctually. Try these items out before big events to make sure the pet tolerates them. 

  5. Make sure the yard, park, or pastures are secure and safe to keep pets contained if they’re not going to be on-leash for the duration of festivities.
  6. Keep a pet’s diet routine. Any new treats, table scraps, or foods can cause tummy troubles. If a pet is prone to sneaking or stealing food, keep them separated from the tables where they may nab some not-safe-for-pets scraps.

  7. When traveling over the holidays, or running last minute party errands, do not leave a pet inside the car. This can lead to heat stroke and possible death, even if it doesn’t feel like they’ve been left for long. Cracking the window isn’t enough, and in some states pet parents that leave pets unattended in hot cars could face animal cruelty, neglect, or endangerment charges.

  8. If traveling over the holiday, consider an at-home pet sitter. Keeping pets in a familiar environment can keep them stress free until parents return.

  9. If going hiking with pets, make sure they are on flea and tick prevention meds to keep them parasite and disease free. Do not use DEET sprays. 

  10. Supervise pets near pools and lakes. Not all are great swimmers and can become exhausted quickly if they accidentally flop into a pool. If swimming in an area with any current (river, creek, ocean) consider getting an appropriately-sized pet life vest in advance of the trip. 

Pets are family, and Fuzzy hopes all pet parents have a healthy, happy, and safe holiday. Following these quick tips will keep pets healthy no matter what festivities look like. If any questions or concerns come up Fuzzy's veterinary support team is available 24/7 for assistance and support. Become a member to always have a pet health partner. From paw booboos on a hike to GI issues resulting from a pet sneaking bites of coleslaw, the Fuzzy team is always available to help.

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