Tips for Airbnb-ing with Your Dog

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Tips for Airbnb-ing with Your Dog

By Dr. Michelle Rose

When you’re traveling with dogs, there’s a long to-do list. Thankfully, finding pet-friendly accommodations is easier than ever. We love to use Airbnb—the site even has an option to filter for pet-friendly rentals. Preparing for travel with a pet can seem like a daunting task, but short-term renting using Airbnb with your dogs can be stress-free and fun with just a little bit of planning ahead. Here’s our list of our top tips to keep in mind when you decide to Airbnb with your dog. 

Let Your Host Know

One of the great features of searching for an Airbnb is the filter feature. It is so easy to find accommodations that are pet-friendly—you can even see if hosts are pet-owners themselves. Knowing if your host has pets is especially important if your own pets are shy around other animals, or if the stress of traveling may require them to live in a simpler environment. It’s always a kind gesture to give your host a little bit information about your travel plans and introduce them to your dog digitally.

Is your pet shy around other people or animals? Do they bark a lot when they get excited? Do they play well with kids? Let your hosts know! The more your hosts know about you and your dog, the more prepared they can be to welcome you into their home.

Pack Something Familiar

Many travelers like having a packing list handy before heading on a journey, and it’s wise to create a separate list for your pup. When renting through Airbnb with dogs, you can be confident there will be plenty of pet stores for things like food, treats, or waste bags. However, make sure to bring important items that are more specific to your pet, like medication. If you know that you won’t have time to pick up your pet’s medication before your Airbnb stay, you can get all medications shipped directly to you with your Fuzzy membership.

Traveling around and staying in unfamiliar places can be a scary experience for your pet. Try to pack a few familiar items in the suitcase, such as a blanket from home, a few favorite toys, or even your pet’s food dishes and water bowls. These items can really help ease their anxiety in a new environment. The more you can help make a new place feel like “home”, the more relaxed your dog will be.

Get Plenty Of Exercise

Traveling can be stressful for us humans, and dogs are even more prone to travel anxiety. Engaging pets in physical activity and exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Ask your Airbnb host if there are any nice parks or walkable areas that are dog-friendly. You can also find trails that are great for hiking and running, or, better yet, a dog specific park where your dog can play with other fuzzy friends.

Finding a great place to stay away from home isn’t always easy, and, in some cases, traveling with your pet may require some additional documentation on top of everything else you need to remember. However, with a Fuzzy membership, it’s easy to request a health certificate for travel in and outside of the U.S.!

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can ease the stress of travel on your pets and help them be your new favorite traveling partner!