Can my dog eat blueberries?

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Can my dog eat blueberries?

By Dr. Sarah Wallace

Blueberries are a wonderful treat for dogs. Underline the word treat. Although delicious for both humans and dogs, they do contain sugar that can cause weight gain if given in large quantities. With that in mind, they are a naturally small fruit that lends themselves well to training treats, a dinner topper or, in the dog days of summer, a delicious ultra-mini frozen fruit pop - just stick a few in the freezer! Or skip that step and buy frozen - up to you.

It is important to remember a couple of important rules when it comes to blueberries - First rule: wash those blue beauties before feeding to decrease chance of consuming unwanted bacteria and pesticides. Rule two: if your dog likes to carry their food into another room in the house, you may discover some interesting blue-purple decor on your carpet, bedding, clothes or anything else that can be stained. Some people learn this the hard way - you have been warned!