How to Make a Dog Throw Up In an Emergency

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how to make a dog throw up in an emergency if they eat something they aren't supposed to and look sick or bloated

Realizing a dog has ingested something they shouldn’t have is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. Imagine there’s a chewed-up bottle of medication on the floor or chocolate wrappers scattered around the house. It’s a scary situation.

When a canine companion eats something harmful to their health, a pet parent’s first thought might be wondering how to make a dog throw up. Vomiting is one of the fastest ways to remove a toxic substance from the stomach if very recently ingested. The problem is that household methods to induce vomiting can cause even more medical issues or health complications, putting the dog’s health at even greater risk.

What to Do If a Dog Eats Something They Shouldn’t

After eating something they shouldn’t, many dogs may vomit on their own. This doesn’t always happen, though. In such cases, pet parents may need to try to induce vomiting. 

Always Attempt to See a Vet First

Trying to help a dog by inducing vomiting isn’t something a pet parent should undertake on their own. Some items, such as sharp objects or cleaning items, can cause even more harm to a pet on the way back up. The safest thing to do is contact the dog’s vet, contact an emergency clinic, or get them to an animal hospital as soon as possible. 

If the vet’s office is closed, pet parents should consider a trip to the nearest emergency vet clinic if available. Should that clinic or emergency pet hospital be closed as well or too far away for the medical severity of the issue, pet parents may have to induce vomiting at home. 

Pet parents should do this under the direction of an online vet or virtual veterinarian. Fuzzy offers 24/7 Live Vet Chat and video consults to help with guidance in such instances and for a variety of other care needs. 

How to Make a Dog Throw Up

A tiny amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide (1-2 teaspoons for tiny to medium sized dogs, 3 teaspoons maximum for large to extra-large dogs) mixed with milk, ice cream, or treats can help to remove toxic substances like chocolate or raisins from a dog’s stomach. This mix generally induces vomiting within 10–15 minutes. However, pet parents shouldn’t do this if they suspect their dog has eaten medication, something sharp, caustic or corrosive substances such as cleaning products or detergent. 

Pet parents should keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is a gastric irritant that can cause bleeding, irritation, or throat damage—issues that can make the overall situation worse.

Induced vomiting more than two to six hours after a dog eats something they shouldn’t have will have mixed results, too. It’s unlikely a dog will throw up the harmful substance if it has already begun digesting. Only use hydrogen peroxide in an emergency situation very soon after ingestion of harmful natural substances like chocolate or raisins. 

Even then, pet parents should seek immediate veterinary care for their dog after. Again, pet parents should always make an effort to see or consult a veterinarian first before attempting at-home vomiting. Fuzzy offers 24hr Online Vet Support and video consults.


Steps to Take After Making a Dog Throw Up

When making a dog throw up at home, do not leave their side. When they do throw up, collect some of it for the vet to analyze. Pet parents should be on the lookout for symptoms such as:

Pet parents should also be sure to follow up with their dog’s primary vet as soon as possible and schedule an appointment. A vet may recommend digestive supplements for dogs and give you other related dog health advice. 

Get Immediate Advice Day or Night

It’s a scary situation when a dog eats something they shouldn’t have. It’s even more stressful when the dog’s vet isn’t available. Whether it’s after hours, the weekend, when traveling, or the vet doesn’t have an opening, pet parents can get immediate advice from Fuzzy.

Fuzzy members can get professional online vet help and dog advice 24/7 in as little as 30 seconds via Live Vet Chat. Become a Fuzzy member today to always have a vet on call.

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