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Anxiety Supplements for Dogs - Daily Treat Supplements

Almost every dog, not unlike their pet parents, can experience occasional anxiety. While the feelings of fear and apprehension can be uncomfortable, the occasional bout is normal. It can also be healthy. However, frequent and high anxiety can interfere with a dog’s quality of life, leading to behavioral and other problems. Daily anxiety supplements for dogs may help. 


What Causes Dog Anxiety?

Anxiety in dogs can stem from any number of causes, including:

  • Spending time in a shelter
  • Being re-homed one or more times
  • Stressful home environment
  • Being exposed to loud noises (fireworks), unfamiliar environments, or new people or animals
  • Cognitive dysfunction (age-related)
  • Underlying health issues, such as arthritis or a tooth infection

In some cases, dogs can develop separation anxiety, a condition in which they can’t get comfortable when their pet parents or other human family members aren’t home. 

Dandy Daily Dog Anxiety Supplements: What They Are and How They Help

Daily anxiety supplements for dogs come in several forms, including chewable treats, capsules, liquid drops, and sprays. While each type of supplement is a bit different, they all contain at least one ingredient known to ease anxiety and promote a sense of calm and formulated for daily use. 

Some supplements, such as Dandy Anxiety Care Vitamin Packs, contain several anti-anxiety ingredients that work together to provide relief. Each dose features four separate soft chews that pet parents can easily incorporate into their dog’s daily routine. Active natural ingredients can be found below:

  • Skullcap stimulates neurotransmitters that help calm nerves and can help boost a dog’s mood.
  • Chamomile soothes nerves and promotes muscle relaxation.  
  • Hemp helps tame stress and anxiety. It also contains beneficial nutrients such as omega-3s and antioxidants that can help with inflammation, skin conditions, arthritis, and cognitive function. 
  • Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound known for easing inflammation. It may also help boost serotonin and dopamine levels, reducing anxiety. 
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid known for its calming, relaxing properties. 
  • Magnesium aids in reducing mental stress and relaxing muscles. 

Other supplements contain ingredients like melatonin and ginger to help ease a dog’s anxiety. Some, such as calming collars and sprays, contain dog-appeasing pheromones to promote relaxation.

Additional Ways to Ease Dog Anxiety 

Anxiety supplements for dogs offer one solution for managing anxiety symptoms and helping improve a dog’s quality of life. Other treatments for dog anxiety include:

  • Training
  • Modifying the home environment
  • Maintaining a consistent schedule
  • Sufficient exercise
  • Prescription medications

When Should Pet Parents Consider Anxiety Supplements for Dogs?

Several signs can point toward anxiety in dogs, including:

  • Persistent barking, yowling, or growling
  • Withdrawing, hiding, or isolating
  • Appetite loss
  • Excessively licking, chewing, or scratching themselves 
  • Destroying items around the home, such as furniture or shoes
  • Aggressive behavior, such as baring their teeth or snapping

If a pet parent suspects their dog is exhibiting any of these symptoms, they are encouraged to consult with a veterinarian to get to the bottom of the issue. Anxiety supplements, sometimes in conjunction with other treatments, can make a significant difference in a dog’s life.

Find Effective Relief for Anxious Dogs

Anxiety supplements can be an effective way for pet parents to help manage their dog’s anxiety symptoms, allowing the canine to live a happier, healthier life. As a Fuzzy member, pet parents can purchase any one of several anxiety supplements for dogs, including Dandy Anxiety Care Vitamin Packs. For more information, pet parents should visit Fuzzy today.

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