A Fuzzy Year in Review - 2021

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A Fuzzy Year in Review - 2021

It’s been quite a year for Fuzzy. We started off 2021 with pet parents depending on us and we’re ending with thousands more, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your trust! From day one it has been Fuzzy’s mission to make veterinary care more accessible and affordable to all. We want every pet parent to be able to provide the best care for their pet whether that’s at home, on the road, in the clinic or beyond.


Pandemic Pet Boom & Fuzzy's Growth 

In 2020, pet ownership surged to 70% of all U.S. households and the explosive growth continued through 2021. Even when this pandemic eventually ends, it’s more important than ever for us to improve how pet parents access care. Pet care must be simple. Pet care must be affordable, and it must be accessible regardless of income or geographic location.  

Over the past year, Fuzzy’s been busy growing our team and expanding our services to reimagine pet care and embrace the ways digital veterinary care can improve pets’ lives.

While we’re not able to dole out vaccines, shots, and x-rays through your smartphone quite yet, our eyes are looking up while our feet are firmly on the ground. We’re taking things one step at a time to deliver for our members’ pets’ needs. As pet parents ourselves, we know how important every moment is with our dogs and cats. Our hearts, minds, and souls are connected to this work, which is why we spend late nights and endless hours educating and empowering pet parents with the personalized guidance they need.



It was a tough year, but seeing our work make such a difference in members’ lives kept us going. We achieved some major milestones in 2021 and helped save many pet lives too (seriously)! 

  • Fuzzy grew from 30 to 110 team members, and we're hiring!
  • We expanded member services to include access to licensed veterinary support via video consults as well as 24hr live vet chat
  • We relaunched and expanded our vet-selected product marketplace on our website and in our member app. 
  • Our engineers launched new app features including medical records requests, pet profiles, appointment and vaccine records, and developed the Fuzzy Academy, an accessible curriculum of training courses for pet parents covering critical pet care and wellness topics created by our veterinarians … all at the touch of a button. 

Here’s a closer look at the big year we’ve had here at Fuzzy. 

Looking to the Future  

None of this could be possible without the trust and support of our pet parent members. The Fuzzy Team is so thankful to all that have helped make this the best year yet. Looking to the future, we’re excited to reach more pet households, build more app features to manage pets’ health, release new social media and Fuzzy Academy series, and create more personalized experiences and product options for our members under the expert guidance and leadership of our veterinary team. 

Most importantly, we want to hear from our community to understand how we can provide even better experiences to support their pet parenthood journey. Our team is looking forward to many more years of ensuring quality pet care can be just a click away, any time of day. 

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