Join The Pet People Group on Facebook

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Join The Pet People Group on Facebook

Pet parenting may be a journey, but with Fuzzy you’re never alone. Today we’re excited to announce a new member community group - The Pet People - for members, their friends and family, and the pets they love so much. 

Feel free to ask questions, find helpful tips, share your experience as a pet parent, and your pets' fun updates in this space. We, The Fuzzy Pet People, are here to create a community that supports you in being the best pet parent you can be.

Moderated by Fuzzy team members and licensed pet health professionals, ensure no misinformation pops up to any of your health or training questions, we're also excited to love and provide virtual ear scratches for all members' lovable dogs, cats, and other critters. The Pet People will provide tons of support, encouragement, and love for how much cuteness your pet brings to the world! 

Join Fuzzy vets, other pet parent members, and friends in The Pet People group today!