Unexpected Ways A Cat Tree Is Good Kitten Health

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Pet parents with kittens know how mischievous those little felines can be. Kittens love to run around, climb curtains, jump on tabletops, and claw on everything. As much as pet parents may love their kitties, they can do without the destruction

Climbing and scratching are normal behaviors. Cats that live outdoors have plenty of outlets to meet those needs. Indoor felines, on the other hand, are confined to the walls of the house. The only outlets they have are the items within the home—often furniture, toys, carpets, and clothing. Pet parents can provide a safe environment for their kittens to climb, claw, and hide by investing in a cat tree. 

A Cat Tree Is Good for a Kitten’s Health

For pet parents unsure of whether or not to buy a cat tree for their kitten, there are plenty of reasons to invest in at least one:

Provides Personal Space

While kittens and cats can be social when they want to be, they also enjoy their alone time. Having vertical territory gives them a safe space to retreat to when they want to be by themselves. It offers a place for shy kittens to hide from strangers or other pets in the home that want to play when they don’t. It provides an excellent vantage point for them to survey their surroundings and avoid unwanted surprises. 

Keeps a Kitten Fit

Exercise is just as vital for kittens as it is for dogs and humans. A lack of physical movement can lead to obesity and a myriad of health issues. Most felines don’t enjoy walking on a leash like dogs do, however. Climbing and jumping are excellent forms of exercise, and a cat tree provides the perfect outlet. 

Doubles as a Scratching Post

Scratching is a completely normal cat behavior. It keeps the nails clean and buffed, and provides mental stimulation. A cat tree provides a perfect scratching station for kittens and adult cats alike. 

Cats and kittens may also claw things to relieve stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, that often means they destroy furniture, curtains, and other items around the house when they’re upset. Pet parents wondering how to help a cat with anxiety can apply cat calming products to a cat tree to help encourage appropriate cat scratching behaviors. 

Offers Mental Stimulation 

Kittens and cats often become mischievous when they’re bored. They’ll start hopping up on countertops or the fridge. They may also start trying to explore places or destroy things they shouldn’t. A cat tree can offer mental stimulation, giving a kitten something to climb, jump on, scratch, and explore. Some kittens may not understand right away, so pet parents may need to do a bit of cat training to encourage preferred behaviors. 

Keeps the Peace in a Multi-Cat Home

Pet parents with more than one cat in their home know that the felines don’t always get along. Cats are naturally territorial creatures, which can lead to the occasional spat within the household. A bigger cat tree can provide space for every cat to have a safe space, which can help to avoid aggression.  

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How to Choose a Cat Tree

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes. They have different features, materials, and textures. Here are a few things pet parents should keep in mind when choosing the right tree for their home:

  • How many cats and kittens are in the home
  • The size of the cat or kitten
  • Whether or not the felines like height
  • If the cat likes to claw things
  • How social the kitten is 
  • How active and playful the kitten is

A home with more than one cat may benefit from a larger cat tree so that each one has their own space. Larger cats, or kittens who will become large cats, will require a bigger tree so that they’re not hanging off the edges. Different materials can offer textures for scratching. Trees with kitty condos offer hiding places, while attached toys can help stave off boredom.

Build a Healthy and Enriching Home Environment 

A cat tree offers kittens and cats a place for safety and environmental enrichment. Felines can hide, sleep, play, exercise, keep their claws sharp, and so much more in a cat tree. Building an ecosystem within the home is an investment in a kitten’s overall mental and physical health and well-being. 


Pet parents unsure of how to go about building an indoor ecosystem for their kittens should consult with their primary vet. They can get tips on how to create a safe space for their furry friends. Or, they can consult with an online vet at any time for additional help, general cat advice, and quick kitten 101 guidance. Sign up to become a Fuzzy member and get personalized kitten guidance today.

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