Lysine Nutritional Supplement Powder for Cats

Lysine Nutritional Supplement Powder for Cats


Highly Palatable Daily L-Lysine Supplement Supports Immune System

Vetoquinol Viralys Lysine Immune Supplement for Cats is a daily powder that helps support a strong immune system and eye & respiratory health.

The oral powder can be sprinkled over cats and kittens dry food, or mixed in with a small amount of wet food. Naturally occurring amino acids Lysine helps to reduce sinus congestion, inflammation of the eyes, squinting and more.

Available in a tasty powder, 3.5oz Tub.


Active Ingredient: L-Lysine Hydrochloride: 250mg per 1.25 mL

Vet Take & Benefits

  • A nutritional supplement for conditions responsive to Lysine such as upper respiratory problems or feline herpes virus.
  • This oral gel will also help reduce inflammation of the eyes, conjunctivitis (eye discharge), squinting sneezing, sinus congestion, and so much more
  • Directions for Use

  • Cats 6 months and older: Give 1/2 teaspoon (500 mg) twice daily
  • Kittens: Give 1/4 teaspoon (250 mg) twice daily