MySimplePetLab Skin & Itch Test for Dogs
MySimplePetLab Skin & Itch Test for Dogs
MySimplePetLab Skin & Itch Test for Dogs
Test and treat skin infections fast with mysimplepetlab!
Signs you should test - irritated skin, skin discharge, scratching, smelly skin folds.
mysimplepetlab tests for mites, white blood cells, bacteria, yeast. red blood cells and skin cells
Test now! Don't Wait!
Just three easy steps. Activate, collect, mail.
Early and easy results sent to your mysimplepetlab portal

MySimplePetLab Skin & Itch Test for Dogs


Screening Kit for Mites, Yeast & Bacteria


mysimplepetlab Skin & Itch Test is an easy at-home skin swab kit to determine the cause of itchy, smelly skin. 

Each test kit includes all the materials needed to swab two infected areas on your dog. Test at the first sign of infection so that your veterinarian may better guide you in finding the correct treatment plan. mysimplepetlab kit can also be used after treatment to ensure that the skin condition has been resolved. Get results with 3 easy steps: Activate online with your test code, collect the sample in test tubes, and mail from home for results (postage is included). Results are shared in your personal pet lab dashboard.