Vetradent Oral Dental Spray for Dogs & Cats

Vetradent Oral Dental Spray for Dogs & Cats


Oral Health Spray Controls Plaque and Tartar


Vetradent Oral Dental Spray for Dogs & Cats is scientifically formulated to control plaque and tartar and freshen breath. The perfect teeth cleaning companion for your dog or cat.


This rinseless, easy-to-use spray can be administered directly into the mouth. It is a quick and easy at-home dental care alternative to water additives and wipes. Vetradent Dental Spray features a no-startle silent spray nozzle for pets that might be skittish.


Available in a 2 oz spray bottle for adult dogs & cats.


Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Zinc Chloride

Vet Take & Benefits

Rinseless, easy to use spray; can be sprayed directly into your pets mouth for quick and easy at home dental care

Directions for Use

Shake well before use; Apply twice daily:                                                     
Cats & Dogs less than 20lbsSpray once on each side of the mouth
Dogs over 20lbsSpray twice on each side of mouth, coating teeth and gums well