Dermoscent 50 mg Tub of Bio Balm

Dermoscent Bio Balm Skin Repair Lotion for Dogs


Skin Repairing Balm


Dermoscent Bio Balm relieves your dog's dry, inflamed skin with. Waterproof, moisturizing, and great for noses, paw pads, or other callused areas.


deal for cracked noses, paw pads, calloused pressure points and hot spots, 100% natural recipe is made without mineral oil or petroleum-based ingredients. Topical balm is rapidly absorbed to provide your dog with relief against skin damage. Treats hyperkeratosis of the nose, paw cracks, lesions, and works to prevent infections. Formulated for dogs, this waterproof balm will provide your pooch with comfort against various skin problems.


Available in 1.67 oz jar.


Soybean Oil, and Essential Oil of Cajputi

Vet Take & Benefits

Rich in essential fatty acids, water-resistant, protects and supports the skin

Directions for Use

Apply small amount to affected area(s), as needed: once to several times day