They Can't Tell Us When They're Hurting

Our stomachs drop when we don't know if their ear scratching is excessive or if behavior changes are a sign of something more serious. We spend hours finding the best paw wax for winter ice or looking into raw food and multivitamin combos for their long term joint health. Until now, our best option was often going to the emergency vet.

They Can't Tell Us When They're Hurting

We Know Because We've Been There

Our founders, Eric and Zubin, have been there as pet parents themselves. The idea behind Fuzzy began when Zubin rushed his pup Mo to the emergency vet. After 7 stressful hours, he left with a $2500 bill, only to learn the luxated patella could have been treated at home.

We Know Because We've Been There

"As pet parents ourselves, there was nothing we loved less than trying to figure out what our pets really needed when it came to care."


Our Veterinary Team Understands Them to Help You

Always available via 24/7 Live Vet Chat, our Fuzzy vet team can help with all issues- big or small. Through curated, vet-recommended health supplements and a mobile app that personalizes pet care, help is just a click away.

58% ER trips avoided

Instead of rushing to the emergency vet, check in with us first. Often the headache (and hefty bill) can be prevented with at-home care.

750k Vet Consultations

Our vet team has helped over 750,000 pets and their parents with questions that are big and small.

4.9/5 Stars

Count on us to do all we can to help answer any questions you may have.

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