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DNA My Dog Test
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DNA My Dog Cheek Swab Test

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test



Genetic Testing for Health Concerns, Predisposition to Disease & More!


The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test will determine every breed in your dog with your dog's own DNA. With this simple & painless test, discover what makes your pet unique, from personality characteristics to health concerns.

Your dogs DNA results are right around the corner! Once you receive your test, register online with DNA My Dog then swab, seal & send. You will get an email with results sent by DNA My Dog within 2 to 4 weeks of DNA My Dog receiving your sample. 

Your results include:

  • The breeds found in your dog’s genetic breed composition.
  • A percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s unique DNA.
  • A report on dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns.


Custom photo certificate of the breed composition of your dog, a report on your dogs dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns, a percentage breakdown of each level of each breed found in your dogs unique DNA.

Vet Take & Benefits

  • Discover Your Dogs Breed Composition
  • Check for Gentiic Health Concerns
  • Learn Unique Personality Traits of Your Dog
  • Reveals Predisposition to Disease

Directions for Use

Log on to to register your test!

Place swab between the cheek and gum of the dog. Firmly rub in a circular motion for 20 seconds. Insert the plastic handle in the hole and let it dry. Repeat with a second swab.

After both samples have air-dried for 20 minutes place them in the envelope provided and mail back.

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